Testing 123… Q&A

Why start a new blog?

Well I am single, young, full of ideas, desire to encapsulate my ideas/personality in time, and in need of a musical outlet. 

  • Being single gives me the will to want to share my thoughts and ideas with someone, ANYONE!  I am half-joking about this.  Seriously… I have the most thoughts, emotions, and drive to share with the masses when I am not in a relationship.  When I am in a relationship I use all my energy to keep the girl liking me.  For whatever reason, I always have the highest creative production when I am single and yearning for someone.  It propels me to want to impress others more (not to mention the emotions that come from that void of not having someone)
  • I am young(ish), 27 to be exact, which means I am at a point where the world is still full of opportunity, adventure, and mystery.  Two years ago I didn’t know I would be in NYC.  I could go anywhere and I could be anything.  My dreams are still in play, so I am not jaded and I am excited about life.  This blog will attempt to inspire excitement about life to others.
  • I am cursed and blessed with the habit of over-thinking.  Over thinking can come out bad if I am impulsively spewing out thoughts without structure in a conversation with someone.  I hope a blog will capture my thoughts while forcing structure and giving me the ability to review my thoughts so I can be more validly judged by someone.
  • Going back and reading any old papers or journals I have written is fun and important.  I love to see how much I have changed.  More importantly, I love to see what has not changed over the years.  Identity-crisis’ are common for young over-thinkers.  Seeing my commonalities over time reminds me of who I really am at the core, so I can take pride in myself which leads to more confidence which leads to more money, girls, and respect.  
  • I have written songs for most of my life (seriously since I was like 7).  I have recorded a lot of my songs over the last 10 years or so and haven’t really shared them with anyone besides my close music buddies.  I will use this as an outlet to share and describe the music that I have written. 

What will this blog cover?

  • Life observations and theories
  • Music
  • Food
  • Sports
  • NYC and Houston
  • Stories that are unique to me that may be interesting or useful to you




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